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Duke Special Presents The Songs From Mother Courage and her Children

Duke says;

Two Januarys ago I played at the Irish film awards ceremony in LA - 'The Oscar Wildes.' This is an annual event at which 3 people are honoured for their contribution to Irish film or to the wider film industry. That year it was Colm Meaney, Fiona Shaw and James L. Brooks. I played a solo show - just me, a piano, a record player and visuals projected onto the skin of an old bass drum. I didn't meet Fiona there but a few months later she appeared with the organiser of the event - Trina Vargo and renowned director - Deborah Warner at a concert which Neil Hannon and I were playing for Amnesty International in Dublin. A few months later I was invited to go and see Fiona and Deborah's production of Beckett's "Happy Days" at the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin. I met with Deborah and Fiona afterwards in the lobby when they first proposed that I write new music for a Brecht play they were considering working on called 'Mother Courage'. Fast forward to now, almost 2 years from that concert in L.A., here I am sitting in my dressing room at the National Theatre in London half way through my debut theatre run, writing notes for the Mother Courage album!

Format: CD


  • Prelude
  • Mother Courage
  • Eilif (Song about the soldier and his wife)
  • Yvette (Song of fraternization)
  • Song of The Hours
  • The Great Capitulation
  • Soldier’s Song
  • Mother Courage (and the threat of peace)
  • Cook’s Song
  • Farmhouse Song
  • Lullaby
  • Mother Courage Finale

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