Oh Pioneer

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Wooden Fingers Puppet Theatre Company, The Bank of Ideas, a banned Iranian children’s book about a fish, a pirate who wants to retire, a bar man who hears people’s stories whether he likes it or not, the human condition and late night conversations with friends on the roof of the ‘Oh Yeah’ building about your dreams are just a few of the ingredients to go into “Oh Pioneer”.

Producer: Paul Pilot and Dave Lynch
Label: Adventures in Gramophone
Date: 18th June 2012
Format: CD


  • Stargazers of the world unite (A love song for astronomers)
  • Little black fish
  • Punch of a friend
  • Snakes in the grass
  • Condition
  • Nothing shall come between us
  • Lost chord
  • My lazy saviour
  • How I learned to love the sun
  • Always been there
  • Twice around the island

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