Every Crack Can Let Light In (Paperback Book)

£15.00 + postage

A softback version of the original very limited edition hardback book which was only available through Duke’s last Pledge campaign - a beautiful collection of artwork and rarely-seen photographs and paraphernalia.

Memorabilia Fan Pack

£10 + postage

A lovely little collection of Duke memorabilia which includes:

‘Look Out! Machines’ badges and coaster, Sticker Pack, Duke Special Playing Cards, plus four items previously only available in the ‘I Never Thought This Day Would Come’ Special Edition Box - Piano Pin, mini story book written by Ben Hales, ‘Making of’ DVD & the ‘Recording In Pictures’ photo book.

Songbook Volume 2

£20 + postage

The second volume of the popular Duke Special songbook, containing the words and music to 30 more Duke Special songs, beautifully bound like songbooks of the past. Now you can sing and learn to play along with this new selection of Duke Special favourites -


1. By The Skin of My Teeth
2. Careless Heart
3. Country Weekend
4. Creaky Boat Blues
5. Digging An Early Grave
6. Double or Nothing
7. Flesh And Blood Dance
8. Hearth and Home
9. I Never Thought This Day Would Come
10. I Think I Am Losing You
11. If I Don t Feel It Anymore
12. Jumping Jacks
13. Let Me Go Please Please Please
14. Love Is Connection
15. Mister Nobody
16. Mockingbird
17. Monsters In The Dust
18. Nothing Comes Easy
19. Nothin’ You Could Do Could Bring Me Round
20. Oh For A Closer Walk
21. Old Folks and Cowpokes
22. The Prop Man
23. Scandal
24. Sweet Sweet Kisses
25. Tango Tangle
26. The Teller’s Tale
27. Those Proverbs We Made In The Winter Must End
28. Wanda Darling of The Jockey Club
29. Why Does Anybody Love
30. You’ll Be Detective

Duke Special sticker pack

£1.00 + postage

Remember the days of covering your doors/books/cabinets/everything, in stickers? When a trip to the dentist was made all the better when presented with a brightly coloured shiny one, to wear on your chest as a sign of bravery?
Re-live all those happy memories with the Duke Special sticker pack. Stick them in all your favourite places, or stick them on someone’s back to turn them into a walking Duke billboard!

You’ll receive 2 packs for £1 (same 6 stickers in each pack)

Duke Special Playing Cards

£3.00 + postage

Boring holidays are always livened up with a good game of snap, and I’m sure many of you know a drinking game or two that involves a deck of these. Why not add a little extra je ne sais quoi, with a pack of these Duke Special playing cards?
Not only will they bring a smile to your face whenever you use them, but it’s also a fun and intriguing way to introduce your friends to the world of Duke.

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