Songbook Volume 3

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The 3rd volume of the Duke Special Songbook is here! Featuring another 25 songs for you to learn to play along with, including chords for the guitar and ukelele as well as the piano scores. The songs in this volume are taken from ‘Under the Dark Cloth’ and ‘Oh Pioneer’ plus two additional B-sides:-

1. Always Been There

2. Cherry Blossom Girl

3. Cloudgod

4. Condition

5. Dancing Trees

6. Georgia O’Keeffe

7. Hand of Man

8. How I Learned To Love The Sun

9. In Memoriam

10. Little Black Fish

11. Lost Chord

12. My Lazy Saviour

13. Nothing Shall Come Between Us

14. Punch of a Friend

15. Rita De Acosta

16. Snakes in the Grass

17. Spiritual America

18. Stargazers of the World Unite (A Love Song For Astronomers)

19. This is All that Matters

20. Triumph of the Egg

21. Twice Around The Island

22. Washerwoman

23. What Makes Us

24. You Press The Button (We Do The Rest)

25. You’d Be Surprised

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