Songbook Volume 1

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Now back in stock after being out of print for a very long time! This beautifully- bound, vintage style songbook lets you learn to play along with these classic Duke songs:-

1. As good as it gets

2. Ballad of a broken man

3. Brixton Leaves

4. Closer to the Start

5. Deep

6. Don’t breathe

7. Everybody wants a little something

8. Feet in the Sky

9. Freewheel

10. Glimmer Girl

11. I let you down

12. John Lennon Love

13. Kill me quickly please

14. Last night I nearly died (but I woke up just in time)

15. Love is a series of scars

16. Low

17. No cover up

18. Our love goes deeper than this

19. Portrait

20. Quiet Revolutionaries

21. Regarding the Moonlight in Eastbourne

22. Salvation Tambourine

23. Slip of a girl

24. Something might happen

25. Some things make your soul feel clean

26. This could be my last day

27. Wake up Scarlett

28. Worst at the best of times

29. You don’t slow me down

30. Your Vandal

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