Booley - Bathroom Floor (September Special Offer)

  • Label: Medieval Haircut
  • Date: 1999
  • Format: CD


Fancy a sneak peak at life before Duke Special? Bathroom Floor was recorded in 1998 by Duke under the name Booley and was released on Medieval Haircut Records. It’s a collection of songs that predate any of the Duke recordings and is available now for just £4 + postage.

This is a must-have CD for anyone looking to complete their collection of Duke recordings and is only available at this price until September 30th (or while stocks last).

Sorry, this item is no longer in production


  • 1. Bathroom Floor
  • 2. Tesco Queen
  • 3. Alright
  • 4. My Little Glory
  • 5. Day After Disaster
  • 6. God On Your Side
  • 7. Patrick Moore
  • 8. Drown
  • 9. Candyfloss Spine
  • 10. Let Me Bleed