I Never Thought This Day Would Come (Special Edition)

  • Format: Special Edition CD

Boxset Special Edition of I Never Thought This Day Would Come. This delightful little box includes a CD of the original Irish version of the album, with a selection of Duke treats:-

- The making of the album DVD documentary.
- A ‘making of the album’ photo book
- A mini Duke Special storybook
- A metal pin badge of the Duke Piano taken from the album artwork.
- 3 black and white cards featuring artwork from the album, and a teeny paint set for you to colour them in with!

Sorry, this item is no longer in production


  • Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck
  • Sweet Sweet Kisses
  • Those Proverbs We Made In The Winter Must End
  • Diggn' An Early Grave
  • I Never Thought This Day Would Come (But Now It Won't Go Away)
  • Why Does Anybody Love?
  • Flesh & Blood Dance
  • If I Don't Feel It
  • Let Me Go (Please Please Please)
  • By The Skin Of My Teeth
  • Nothing Comes Easy
  • Nothin' You Could Do Can Bring Me Round