The 3 EPs Box Set

  • Format: CD

A collection of Duke Special’s earliest 3 EPs, “Lucky Me” from 2002, “My Villain Heart” from 2004 and “Your Vandal” from 2005. And all brought together in a slipcase that will ensure they can be kept nice and neatly with each of their EP siblings.


  • Lucky Me 1. I Let You Down (Like a Tonne Weight) 2. Lucky Me 3. As Good As It Gets 4. Freewheel 5. Don't Breathe 6. Kill Me Quickly Please
  • Your Vandal 1. 1. Worst At The Best Of Times 2. Portrait 3. John lennon Love 4. Low 5. Your Vandal
  • My Villain Heart 1. Last Night I nearly Died 2. Some Things Make Your Soul Feel Clean 3. Regarding the Moonlight in Eastbourne 4. Wake Up Scarlett 5. You Don't Slow Me Down 6. Love Is A Series Of Scars