Culture Night at County Museum, Dundalk

Posted on Thursday 17th September

Culture Night is an annual event in Ireland celebrating culture, creativity and the arts. This year’s event took place on Friday 18th September and included offline and online events. Duke recorded a song and video for an online event organised by the County Museum, Dundalk. The award-winning museum has a long tradition in developing projects which inspire and excite, and for Culture Night, they will unveil a collection of songs under the banner ‘Louth, Land of Legends, Lyrics and Song, all celebrating various aspects of Irish and local history.

According to Museum Curator Brian Walsh, the evening’s songs are inspired by a desire to make history relevant to all ages.

“History, by definition, explains many of the factors in determining how we perceive and interact with the world around us. This collection of songs highlights in a way that is both informative and accessible many of the key moments in our ancestors’ lives which have affected the world in which we live. We were delighted when Duke agreed to participate in this project as we knew that he would provide us with a musical piece that would entertain and inform and be instantly memorable.

Words – Andrew Doyle

Music – Duke Special

Recorded by Michael Keeney at Keeney & Stronge, Bangor, County Down.

Song originally commissioned by BYMT for the musical – Paperboy – based on the memoir by Tony Macaulay.

Video by Ben Dornan Wilson and Lydia Dunn Ribero and not forgetting Immy Done and Eilidh Tannett!

Watch and listen here:-

For more information on Culture Night itself, go here:-