November Special Offer - Little Revolutions for £5 + postage

Posted on Thursday 5th November

Buy a copy of this CD for half the usual price during the month of November. Featuring 18 B-Sides and rare recordings, including a cover of ‘Lucky’ by Radiohead and ‘Tainted Love’ recorded live with Neil Hannon at Ulster Hall in Belfast.


1. Ain’t Got No (recorded live on Today FM)

2. Our Love Goes Deeper (single version)

3. I Feel For You

4. Quiet Revolutionaries

5. I Think I Am Losing You

6. Feet In The Sky

7. Deep (with Emily Loizeau)

8. No Cover Up (single version)

9. Glimmer Girl

10. Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes (featuring Neil Hannon)

11. Love Is Connection

12. Maps (live from the Empire Music Hall in Belfast)

13. Tainted Love (live from Ulster Hall in Belfast with Neil Hannon)

14. Low (live from the Empire Music Hall in Belfast)

15. Stumble & Fall

16. Lucky (recorded at Nous Radio session in Paris)

17. I Know There’s An Answer

18. From Clare To Here

Offer ends 30th November.

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