‘Tip-jar’ for tonight’s Zoom show.

Posted on Friday 24th July

During the ‘Look Out Machines!’ live performance tonight, the ‘tip-jar’ that you can donate to will be a GoFundMe Campaign called

Bread And Butter Fund - Coronavirus NI Artists.

‘This is a fund for Northern Ireland Arts practitioners affected by the Corona Virus pandemic. BREAD and BUTTER is what we call the short gigs; the corporate videos, the voice overs, the events etc that keep food on the table. These lifelines are now being cancelled in droves. This fund hopes to offer a ‘gig’ fee of £200.00 on a first come first served basis. No big forms to fill in. None of that malarky. It’s not a huge amount. But it will buy bread and butter (well, maybe Flora)’

The fund was started in March and they have kept it going after raising their initial target amount, so that they can help as many people as possible with a Bread and Butter Grant. We will be posting a link to their GoFundMe page on the chat during the show this evening, but if you want to find out more, you can check them out out and donate here