Blood for Ghosts

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Blood for Ghosts’ is Duke Special’s brand new studio album, released on heavyweight black vinyl. The title is a play on Ezra Pound’s phrase ‘Blood brought to ghosts’, referring to the new life brought through translations of Chinese poetry. In Duke’s case, the new life is brought to old songs discovered in an archive of sheet music in the Princess Grace Irish Library, Monaco; songs that may have been forgotten or lost through time. The collection was bought by Princess Grace in 1977 from a Michael E. O’Donnell from Philadelphia and comprises of over 1000 song sheets dated between 1840-1970.

‘I was interested in discovering whether some of these songs could survive being brought into the present day; if they still felt relevant or were still able to move us in some way. Of the ten songs, six are recognisable from the original song sheets, one was adapted from another version, for two I have written new music, and for one, new words.’

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Producer: Duke Special
Label: Words & Pictures
Date: 3/11/2023
Format: Vinyl LP


  • 1. The Foggy Dew
  • 2. The Minstrel Boy
  • 3. By the Light of the Silvery Moon
  • 4. Retaliation
  • 5. A Lover's Soliloquy
  • 6. Hushing Song
  • 7. Canadian Boat Song
  • 8. The Bird of Christ
  • 9. If I Were A Blackbird
  • 10. It Was Only A Dream


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Duke Special’s beautiful 2017 album ‘Hallow’ is available on vinyl exclusively here in the Duke shop. It’s entirely based on the poetry of the eminent Belfast poet, Michael Longley, who was once described by his friend Seamus Heaney as ‘a keeper of the artistic estate, a custodian of griefs and wonders’. Full of gentleness, honesty, mischief and love, peppered with a cast of artists, animals, flowers, friends and long forgotten soldiers. As ever, Duke Special is mining a new seam of inspiration, always trying to get to the bottom of what it means to be human.

Every copy comes with a download code if you want to listen to it digitally too.

Producer: Duke Special & Michael Keeney
Label: Words & Pirctures
Date: 09/11/2017
Format: Vinyl LP


  • 1. Another Wren
  • 2. A Questionnaire For Walter Mitty
  • 3. Emily Dickinson
  • 4. Grace Darling
  • 5. Brothers
  • 6. Remembering Carrigskeewaun
  • 7. No Continuing City
  • 8. Granddaughters
  • 9. The Ice-cream Man
  • 10. Fifty Years
  • 11. Lena

Our Love Goes Deeper Than This / No Cover Up 10” single

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10” Double A Side Release of ‘Our Love Goes Deeper’ and No Cover Up. Also features ‘Deep’ - a lovely duet with French Chanteuse Emily Loizeau and the Duke Special cover of ‘I feel for you’.

Format: Vinyl 10" single


  • Our Love Goes Deeper  
  • No Cover Up (Single Version)  
  • Deep (Featuring Emily Loizeau)  
  • I Feel for You  

Freewheel 7” single

£2.00 + postage

Freewheel 7” Single on chunky vinyl.

Producer: Paul Pilot
Label: V2
Date: 2006
Format: Vinyl 7" single


  • Freewheel  
  • Oh for a closer walk  

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