Mother Courage and Her Children

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An album of the music written and performed by Duke Special for Deborah Warner’s production of the Bertolt Brecht classic play, translated by Tony Kushner and staged at the National Theatre in London over two months in 2009 and starring Fiona Shaw. Presented here on the beautiful format of vinyl.

Format: Vinyl LP


  • 1. Prelude
  • 2. Mother Courage
  • 3. Eilif (Song about the soldier and his wife)
  • 4. Yvette (Song of Fraternization)
  • 5. Song of the Hours
  • 6. The Great Capitulation
  • 7. Soldier's Song
  • 8. Mother Courage (and the threat of peace)
  • 9. Cook's Song
  • 10. Farmhouse Song
  • 11. Lullaby
  • 12. Mother Courage Finale

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